Professional Money Management Services Provided by Vision Investment Advisors, Introduced by Matthew Weiss

Vision Investment Advisors, LLC (“Vision Advisors”) is a SEC registered investment management and advisory firm focused on helping our clients create and preserve wealth. In managing the accounts of clients, Vision Advisors feels that capital appreciation and risk management are a primary focus.

Vision Advisors provides:

  • Customized separately managed portfolios (equity, fixed income or balanced) tailored to meet the varied needs of each client. We take into account each client’s liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon;
  • The comfort that their portfolios are closely monitored and we will trade out of a specific investment should it be deemed warranted; and
  • Competitive pricing via a wrap fee program.

Vision Advisors offers services for stocks, fixed income and blended portfolios at competitive prices. Seven different investment portfolios ranging from growth and dividend equity strategies to fixed income portfolios, balanced portfolios, an aggressive “Total” portfolio and option writing programs are available to clients. We also advise clients on larger asset allocations which may include managed futures.

Custom Tailored Portfolios

The great advantage of Vision Advisors is that each client gets their own individual, customized portfolio. Clients have their own unique investment objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and time horizon and Vision Advisors gives each client individual attention in order to determine those factors. We then develop a portfolio which seems most appropriate and because we use a separate account structure, customers have complete transparency into their account.

Balanced Asset Allocation

Vision Advisors believes that investors should utilize a balanced asset allocation strategy in order to best meet their investment goals. Studies have shown that diversification reduces the overall risk of a portfolio. Investors can lessen the risk because each asset class has a different correlation to the others. Dividing a portfolio among different classes of investments can help investors weather the ups and downs that are part of the investing cycle.

About Matthew Weissmweiss

Matthew J. Weiss has been providing professional investment advice since 1993 when he joined Lehman Brothers. For 13 years he was an Assistant Vice President and Portfolio Investment Advisor with Merrill Lynch. As an Investment Advisor Representative with Vision Investment Advisors, Matthew adheres to a disciplined investment process that delivers a consistent and customized wealth management experience.

Phone: +1.914.263.9467

Please review the Form ADV, Part 2A for a complete description of the portfolios as well as background information on Vision Advisors.

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