Our Portfolios


The Balanced Portfolio, or B-Portfolio, provides investors the opportunity to invest in the equity markets, but with less exposure though the addition of a selection of fixed income instruments to the portfolio. Learn more »


The Dividend Portfolio, or D-Portfolio, is designed for the investor who seeks a more conservative approach to investing in common stocks. Learn more »


The Equity Portfolio, or E-Portfolio, is Vision Advisors flagship program designed for growth-oriented investors. Learn more »


The Fixed Income Portfolio, or I-Portfolio, caters to the conservative investor who is looking for an entry into securities without direct exposure to the equity markets. Learn more »

Option Programs

The Stock Put Writing Program & Stock Put Credit Spread Option Program seek to achieve aggressive returns by employing a strategy of writing put options or put credit spread options on a group of common stocks. Learn more »


The Total Portfolio offers an alternative trading strategy designed for experienced investors who have a higher tolerance for risk. Learn more »